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Treds 17851 Super Tough Slush Boot 17" Size Medium

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When on the job, it's time to wear a slush boot that is guaranteed not to "blow out" when slopping around in concrete! Users say TREDS last 6-8 times longer than cheap imports.

Super tough TREDS are almost impossible to puncture or tear. If damaged, the tear wont run. If these boots are punctured or snagged, the boot can be turned inside out and a standard rubber patch or super glue can be applied.

TREDS boots are easy to pull on and off. The stretchy TREDS pull on and off like a dream. These boots also don't have a left or right design. Unilast design eliminates rights and lefts.

Buy TREDS to fit your workboot not 3 sizes too big. Snug-fitting TREDS are almost 50% lighter than standard slush boots.
  • Size: Medium
  • Fits Men's Shoe Sizes: 8-10
  • Heel-Toe Toe Length: Between 10-3/4" & 11-1/2"

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