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Quikrete 1961-00 60 Grit Silica Sand 100Lbs

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QUIKRETE Commercial grade sands are narrowly graded clean dry silica sands. They are available in three grades, fine (No. 1961), medium (No. 1962) and coarse (No. 1963).
Composition and Materials: QUIKRETE Commercial grade sand is high quality silica sand.

QUIKRETE Commercial grade sands can be used alone or in combinations to provide a variety of gradations for any commercial application requiring high quality silica sands.
  • Not recommended for abrasive blasting.
  • Grade -- Predominant Size Range US sieve number (mm)
  • Coarse No. 1963 -- 12-30 (0.7-0.6 mm)
  • Medium No. 1962 -- 20-50 (0.5-0.3 mm)
  • Fine No. 1961 -- 30-70 (0.6-0.2 mm)

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