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DeWalt DS350 Sitelock Container Sensor for Portable Alarm System (Base Unit)

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On Sale! $199.00


Fisher Tools is running a clearance sale on all MobileLock and SiteLock equipment. These units were originally $199 each, but have been reduced to $49.99.

Monitors container vibration which would indicate the container has been tampered with, moved or disturbed.

Attaches to the exterior of the container using magnets for temporary mounting, or can be bolted using 4 mounting holes for permanent mounting.

In testing mode, determine the sensitivity of the sensor by banging / moving the container to test the level of vibration required to trigger the alarm. An 80 decibel sounder beeps indicating when the alarm would be triggered if the system was armed.

Featuring 900 MHz spread spectrum communication between base and sensors which provide coverage of up to 2000' enabling superior range and reliability.

Set and test sensor sensitivity through key pad controls enabling the user to adjust vibration sensitivity with an eight step range.

Continuous monitoring of sensors by the base unit which receives frequent transmission "check-ins" for battery strength, active status, and tampering.
  • Tamper switches provide notification if the sensor is tampered with or removed
  • Durable housing designed to withstand jobsite conditions indoors or outdoors
  • Lower range settings offer sensitivity filter to avoid false alarms
  • Includes a 3.0V Lithium battery

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