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DeWalt DS510K Mobilelock Indoor Motion Detector Combo Kit

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On Sale! $599.00


Fisher Tools is running a clearance sale on all MobileLock and SiteLock equipment. These units were originally $599 each, but have been reduced to $199. Due to upgrades to the Sprint Cellular Network, each GPS unit will require a SIM card upgrade that costs $100 and is available through the service company for these devices:

The DeWalt DS510K Mobilelock indoor motion detector kit includes the base unit - a GPS locator with anti-theft alarm (DS500) - along with a motion detector that triggers the alarm if movement is detected up to 50 feet away from the unit. Advanced digital scanning to recognize "human signatures" which reduces false alarms. These units have increased immunity to outside interference which reduces false alarms. Provides locating abilities even in most indoor environments, contacts up to three people in event of an alarm.

What is Mobilelock?
The MOBILELOCK product is a stand alone portable, wireless locating and alarm system that is easily mounted either by using the heavy-duty magnet or by fastening the unit into place with screws. Unlike other mobile asset protection systems that use radio frequency to locate stolen assets, MOBILELOCK features a GPS locator that can help you find stolen or lost assets anytime. Additionally, an alarm notification alerts you when the protected piece of equipment has been disturbed or someone tries to remove the MOBILELOCK unit. The MOBILELOCK locator and alarm is a user-friendly self-installed system that you can customize to fit specific applications and security needs. The unit runs off of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and will remain powered for approximately 30 days.

You can easily customize the MOBILELOCK settings to create your own arm and disarm schedule, change contact phone numbers, adjust siren settings, and report status information, such as battery level and signal strength. Sensor features and the GPS locator can be accessed through the MOBILELOCK Web site, where you can log on to customize settings and monitor their equipment. You also can monitor and activate the MOBILELOCK alarm via phone.

How the Mobilelock unit works
Once you've purchased your MOBILELOCK, set up your service contract and install the unit. If the MOBILELOCK-protected asset is disturbed, the alarm will be triggered and you'll receive a phone call or e-mail notifying you that there has been a security breach. You can log onto the MOBILELOCK Web site, enter your personal pass code, and then access street maps or satellite imagery showing the approximate location of the MOBILELOCK unit. This enables you to quickly recover stolen or lost assets when the MOBILELOCK unit is property attached.

There are four sensors built into the MOBILELOCK unit:
- Tamper sensor
- Door contact sensor
- Vibration sensor
- Temperature sensor

Each sensor can be programmed individually through a cell phone or the MOBILELOCK Web site to monitor the mobile asset. If an intruder tries to enter a secured area, disturb a piece of protected equipment, or remove the unit from the asset, the alarm activates, and a signal is sent via cellular technology. The MOBILELOCK cellular and location-based services utilize the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

This Kit Includes:

DS500 MOBILELOCK GPS Locator with Anti-Theft Alarm (Base Unit)
Power Supply
DS510 MOBILELOCK Indoor Motion Detector
3.0V Lithium Battery
Door Contact Magnet
Instruction Manual
Quick Start Guide
Service Activation Card
"Protected by MOBILELOCK" Sticker
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion (rechargeable) and 3-volt lithium (non-rechargeable)
  • Battery: 4.4 Amp Hr
  • Run Time: approximately 4 wks
  • Cellular Communication: Sprint PCS
  • Location Technology: QUALCOMM gpsOne

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