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Current Tools - Made in the USA - Sold by Fisher Tools

Current Tools is a professional brand trusted by electricians to get the job done. Modern tools with modern technologies can help electricians with any number of jobs from Conduit Bending to Cable Pulling. With pullers of up to 8,000lbs and with high speed cable pullers capable of up to 3,000lbs of pulling force for quick and safe jobs. Current Tools selection of Bending Machines and mechanical benders allow the professional electrician to bend conduit, tubing and bending of PVC Pipe up to 6".

The featured product for Current Tools is the 77 Series Electric Bender which improves upon the standard Greenlee 555 (it's a Greenlee Triple Nickle replacement) bender with a series of improvements outlined in the Current Tools 77 Series manual. And best of all, the Current 77 Series is Made in the USA, supporting the US economy and workers.

Should you be interested in crossing over from Greenlee to Current, you will also find detailed crossover instructions for Greenlee parts and tools here. This can help you streamline your electrical tools budget, improve your efficiencies. Current Tools has a wide selection of accessories as well, from bending shoes, sheaves to pullies, PVC plugs and PVC blankets. Take a few moments to check our our the wide selection of current tools products via their catalog, which you can download here. We are an authorized dealer, and can order any part or tool you need from the Current Tools catalog.

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Featured Current Products

Screw Type Reel Stand Medium

Current 670 Screw Type Reel Stand Medium

SKU: 670
Our Price: $223.50
Availability: In Stock.

Tools Dolly Type Cart

Current 501 Tools Dolly Type Cart

Our Price: $315.00
Availability: In Stock.

Armored Cable Dispenser

Current 509 Armored Cable Dispenser

SKU: 509
Our Price: $235.00
Availability: In Stock.

Die 3/4 Inch

Current 1527 Die 3/4 Inch

SKU: 1527
Our Price: $11.25
Availability: In Stock.

Piece Maker Punch 1/2"

Current 1524 Piece Maker Punch 1/2"

SKU: 1524
Our Price: $19.50
Availability: In Stock.

Punch 2 1/2 Inch

Current 1566 Punch 2 1/2 Inch

SKU: 1566
Our Price: $63.00
Availability: In Stock.

Draw Stud 3/4 Inch

Current 1551 Draw Stud 3/4 Inch

SKU: 1551
Our Price: $40.00
Availability: In Stock.

Turtle Cart With Casters

Current 502 Turtle Cart With Casters

Our Price: $675.00
Availability: In Stock.